Group Company Secretary

The Group Company Secretary plays a pivotal role in the corporate governance of the group. He acts as adviser to the board, guiding individual directors and committees in areas such as corporate governance, updates on legal and statutory amendments, and the effective execution of directors’ responsibilities and fiduciary duties.

The Group Company Secretary attends board meetings and is responsible for compiling agendas, board packs and for accurately recording the minutes of these meetings for distribution to relevant members. The Group Company Secretary is further responsible for ensuring that directors are kept abreast of relevant information impacting the group’s operating environment and that directors participate in continuing professional development programmes. Briefing sessions for directors are presented by senior management to keep directors updated on developments in the group and the territories in which it operates.

The board considers the Group Company Secretary qualified to perform his duties in accordance with applicable legislation and fi t and proper for the position. All directors have access to the Group Company Secretary and are entitled to seek other independent professional advice with regard to the performance of their duties. The Group Company Secretary ensures compliance with applicable procedures and legislation and the removal from office of the Group Company Secretary is a matter for the board as a whole.

The Group Company Secretary also assists the Nominations and Remuneration Committee in ensuring that the correct procedure is followed for the appointment of directors. Whenever deemed necessary, the Group Company Secretary reviews the rules and procedures applicable to the conduct of the affairs of the board. If and when necessary, the services and guidance of the corporate sponsor and other experts are procured to ensure that the directors have adequate insight to discharge their responsibilities efficiently. Furthermore, the Group Company Secretary will be assisting in the annual evaluation of the board, its sub-committees and individual directors.

A brief curriculum vitae of the Group Company Secretary can be found on page 17 of the annual report.