Articulated Tractor

  • True construction machine heritage
  • Industry leading drive line components
  • Supreme driver comfort from Nitrogen over oil semi independent suspension system
Best in class off- road ability
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  • True construction machine heritage
  • Industry leading drive line components
  • Supreme driver comfort from Nitrogen over oil semi independent suspension system
  • Best in class off- road ability
  • Best fuel economy
Key Features:
  • Gross Power: 315 kw
  • Gross Torque: 2 000 Nm
  • Gross Combined Mass: 93 467 kg


Allison HD 4060

Layout : Engine mounted box with rear output  
Gear layout: Constant meshing planetary gears, clutch operated  
Gears: 6 Forward, 1 Reverse  
Clutch type Hydraulically operated multi-disc  
Control type: Electronic  
Torque converter layout: Hydrodynamic, with lock-up in all gears  
Vehicle Speeds: 1st 7,6 km/h
  2nd 14,0 km/h
  3rd 18,7 km/h
  4th 26,7 km/h
  5th 36,2 km/h
  6 39,0 km/h
  R 5,6 km/h
Transfer Case

VGR 17 000

Output differential Three inline helical gears, 50/50 torque split  
Front type: Semi-independent leading A-frame supported by nitrogen/oil struts
Rear type: Solid mounted


Standard Tyre Size: 875/65R29
  Type: Radial Earthmover
Optional Tyre Size: 73x50 32PR
  Type: Log Stomper


Pneumatic System

Air drier with heater and integral unloader valve, serving park brake and auxilliary functions

System Pressure: 810 kPa


Configuration: Mercedes Benz OM501LA V-6
Aspiration: Turbocharged and Intercooled
Cooling System: Liquid cooled with single pass radiator as well as charge air cooler
Gross Power: 315 kW @ 1 800 rpm SAE J1349
Net Power:    308 Nm @  1 800 rpm
Gross Torque: 2 000 Nm @ 1 080 rpm SAE J1349
Net Torque: 1 974 Nm @ 1 080 rpm
Displacement: 11,95 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity: 485 l
Certification: Tier3/Stage3a
(Tier 2 for non regulated countries)


Steering System

Hydrostatically actuated by two double acting cylinders, with ground-driven emergency steering pump.

Lock to lock turns: 4.2
Steering Angle: +-47º
Operating Weights


Front: 14 000 kg
Rear: 6 976 kg
Gross Combined Mass: 20 976 kg
GCM 93 467 kg (When used in combination with Terra Titan S4412B Scraper)
Braking System
Service Brake: Dual circuit, full hydraulic actuation ventilated dry disc brakes
Maximum brake force: 134 kN
Park & Emergency: Spring applied, air released driveline-mounted disc.
Maximum brake force: 440 kN
Auxilliary Brake: Automatic exhaust brake and Engine Valve Brake (EVB)


Electrical System


Voltage: 24 V
Battery Type: Two maintenance free permanently sealed
Battery Capacity: 2 X 105 Ah (optional 2 extra batteries)
Alternator Rating: 28 V 100 A
Optional Equipment

(Factory and field installed)
• Electrically adjustable rearview mirrors
• Retractable sun visor
• Tyre pressure monitoring
• Fleetmatic product packages
• 29.5R25 radial earthmover tyres
• Groeneveld central lubrication system
• Flashing beacon
• Work lights
• Artic reverse light
• Electrical horn
• 2 extra batteries
• Fuel filter heating element
• Electric adjust and heated mirrors (one per side)
• Dual circuit oil immersed multidisc brakes on front and rear axles with remote multidisc brake cooler
• CD/FM Radio
• Provision for: Wiggins quick fueling system


Bell 20T

Differential Type: Spiral bevel type with Controlled Traction Differentials (CTD)
Final drive type:  Outboard heavy duty planetary
Housing type: Steel fabricated
Hydraulic System

Full load sensing system serving the prioritized steering, scraper and brake functions. A ground-driven, load sensing emergency steering pump is integrated into the main system

Pump Type: Variable displacement, loadsensing piston
Application: Steering, scraper operation, hydraulic brake charging and cooling fan drive
Flow: 300 l/min
Pressure: 20 MPa
Filter: 10 micron
Scraper Configurations: 2 Scrapers: 3 controls per scraper
  3 Scrapers: 2 controls per scraper
Hydraulic Control Valve - Scrapers: The Control Valve is a stackable multisection, load sensing, pressure compensated, proportional directional valve with port relief valves in the downports. The valve consists of 6 sections. Coupling is done via 12 female quick couplers situated on the rear of the machine.
Electro Hydraulic Controls - Scrapers Parker Hydraulics IQAN System. Fully programmable. Hydraulic Flow Rates can be adjusted on Display Module.


Standard Equipment


  • ROPS/FOPS certification
• Handrails on fenders
• Tilt cab for service access
• Gas strut supported door
• Tinted safety glass
• Sliding windows
• Rearview mirrors- regular and wide angle
• Sun visor
• Wiper/washer with intermittent control
• Rear window wiper/washer
• Tilt and telescoping steering wheel
• Adjustable, air suspension seat with retractable seat belt, rotated by 15 degrees
• HVAC climate control system with filtered and ducted air
• Air horn
• Electrical relays and circuit breakers
• Ashtray
• Drinks holder
• Cooled/heated lunchbox
• Wheel spanner set
MDU Features
  • Trip timer
• Trip distance
• Diagnostics
• Intermittent wiper timing control
• Speedo calibration for alternative tyre sizes
• Metric /Imperial unit selection
• Warning lights with audible buzzer
Analogue Gauges
  • Engine coolant temperature
• Engine oil pressure
• System air pressure
• Transmission oil temperature
• Fuel
• Speedometer
LCD Display
  • Transmission gear selection
• Tachometer
• Battery voltage
• Hourmeter
• Odometer
  • Ground driven emergency steering
• Tow recovery cable
• Fleetmatic satelite monitoring system
4206D Spec Sheet
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