• High travel speeds over poor terrain
  • Purpose built for forestry applications
  • Self loading crane with dual facing cabin
Extremely versatile
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T302 Long Range Forwarder, 4x4

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Key features:
  • Gross Power: 205 kW
  • Torque: 1 000 Nm
  • *Bunk Capacity (approx.): 40m³


Mercedes Benz inline 6 cylinder, turbocharged, intercooled, low emission diesel engine
Gross power 205 kW (275 hp) @ 2 200 rpm
Net power 198 kW (265 hp) @ 2 200 rpm
Gross torque 1 000 Nm (736 lbft) @ 1 200 - 1 600 rpm
Net torque 970 Nm (714 lbft) @ 1 200 - 1 600 rpm
Displacement 6,37 litres (389
Fuel tank capacity 340 l (90 US gal)
Auxilliary Brake Exhaust Brake
Certification Engine Valve Brake (EVB) OM 906 LA. 111/4-00 meets Europe (EU) step2; OM 906 LA.E3A/1 meets Europe (EU) step 3
Engine mounted, fully automatic ZF planetray transmission with six forward gears and one reverse gear.
Torque Converter Hydrodynamic with lock-up in all gears
Control Type 6HP592C Ecomat 2 Plus Electronic
Transfer Box


Manufacturer Remote mounted
Model VGR
Layout 13100
Output Differential Three in-line helical gears. 67/33 torque proportioning, pneumatically lockable on the move.
High strength steel fabricated with spiral bevel type gears on the limited slip locking differential and heavy duty outboard planetary gears.
Model Bell 15T
Brakes Dual circuit, hydraulically actuated dry disc brake calipers on all axles.
Max brake force 164 kN (36 900 lbf)
Parking Brake Spring applied, air released driveline mounted disc.
Max brake force 396 kN (89 000 lbf)
Total Retardation 442 kW (593 hp)
Tyre 23.5R25 standard
Front Suspension

Semi-independent, quad rubber mounted leading arm linkages supported by nitrogen and oild filled struts.

Rear Suspension

Pivoting walking beams, distributing equal load through laminated rubber suspension blocks. Each axle is coupled to the chassis by four rubber-bushed links for ideal vertical movement.

Hydraulic System
Full load sensing system incorporating a ground driven emergency steering pump.
Flow 184 l/min (48.6 gal/min)
Pressure 25 Mpa (3 915 psi)
Filter 10 micron
Steering System
Hydrostatically actuated, low effort, fast acting.

Two double-acting steering cylinders.

Lock to turns 4.1
Steering Angle +- 45º


*Grapple Waratah CF885 logging crane grapple.Bell series 35.
* (where applicable) Maximum opening distance 1 425 mm
Pneumatic System
Air drier with heater and integral unloader valve, serving park brake and auxilliary functions
System Pressure 850 kPa (123 psi)
Electrical System


Voltage 24 V
Battery Type Two maintenance free permanently sealed
Battery Capacity 2 x 105 Ah
Alternator Rating 28 V 80 A
Vehicle Speeds


1st 8 km/h
2nd 13 km/h
3rd 22 km/h
4th 31 km/h
5th 44 km/h
6th 53 km/h
R 8 km/h
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T302 Long Range Forwarder, 4x4 Spec Sheet
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